“Why would I not just go to my bank to get my mortgage?”

If you have never dealt with a licensed mortgage professional before, that’s a fair question to ask. However, there is a big difference between going to your bank and having someone like myself help you with your mortgage needs.

When you visit your bank to get a mortgage, your only options are their rates, products, terms, and set of qualifications. That’s it… one choice. What if there’s much better rates out there? What if you don’t meet their specific qualifications?

As a licensed mortgage agent, I often deal with those very same banks and well as credit unions, trust companies, private lenders, and financial institutions, so I have a wide array products to work with. My goal is to find the best mortgage possible for you. I review your financial standing, listen to your needs, and then we choose the lender that’s the best fit.

Typically, my services have no cost to my client either. Think of me as your personal mortgage shopper and advisor. I’ll take the time to explain how mortgages work and I’m more than happy to meet you for a coffee, place of work, or at your home if that’s more convenient for you. And I know there’s no way a bank will text you back if you message them with a question at 10pm.

Give me a call, send me a text, or email if I can assist with any of the following:

Mortgage Refinancing - Get out of a high rate mortgage, or unlock some of your home equity for debt consolidation or other important needs, such as financing an investment property.

Mortgage Renewals - At renewal, you can renegotiate everything pertaining to your mortgage - with no penalties. It's also a great time to save money!

Home Purchases - Review your mortgage options before you buy your next home, vacation or investment property.

First Time Home Buyers - There are many things to think about when buying your first home. Professional mortgage advice is a great place to start.

Debt Consolidation - I can help you find a mortgage lender that fits your budget, or start improving your credit now for the best mortgage rate later.

Looking forward to working together, and finding you the right mortgage!


Current Rates

Current variable mortgage rate is


Current prime rate is


    • Terms
    • Bank Rates
    • Payment Per $100k
    • Our Rates
    • Payment Per $100k
    • Savings
    • 6 Months
    • 3.04%
    • $475.30
    • 2.79%
    • $462.54
    • $12.76
    • 1 Year
    • 2.79%
    • $462.54
    • 1.79%
    • $413.39
    • $49.15
    • 2 Years
    • 2.94%
    • $470.17
    • 1.54%
    • $401.59
    • $68.59
    • 3 Years
    • 3.49%
    • $498.74
    • 1.54%
    • $401.59
    • $97.16
    • 4 Years
    • 3.74%
    • $512.02
    • 1.79%
    • $413.39
    • $98.63
    • 5 Years
    • 4.59%
    • $558.49
    • 2.04%
    • $425.38
    • $133.10
    • 7 Years
    • 5.35%
    • $601.69
    • 2.84%
    • $465.07
    • $136.61
    • 10 Years
    • 5.60%
    • $616.23
    • 3.24%
    • $485.65
    • $130.58
Some conditions may apply. Rates may vary from Province to Province. Rates subject to change without notice. Posted rates may be high ratio and/or quick close which can differ from conventional rates. *O.A.C. E.& O.E.

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