“Why would I not just go to my bank to get my mortgage?”

If you have never dealt with a licensed mortgage professional before, that’s a fair question to ask. However, there is a big difference between going to your bank and having someone like myself help you with your mortgage needs. And I should mention upfront that my services are typically free.

When you visit your bank to get a mortgage, your only options are their rates, products, terms, and set of qualifications. That’s it… one choice. What if there’s much better rates out there? What if you don’t meet their specific qualifications? 

As a licensed Mortgage Agent, I often deal with those very same banks (TD, Scotia, and HSBC for example), as well as mono lenders such as First National and MCAP, credit unions, trust companies, and even private lenders. My goal is to find the best mortgage possible for you by reviewing your financial standing, listening to your needs, and then together choosing the lender and product that’s the best fit. 

The biggest difference is I work for you - I don't work for your bank.

Let Me Introduce Myself

With a mortgage being one of the largest financial obligations you'll ever enter into, I think it's very important to know who you're dealing with. Here's a little bit about myself and what I do:

  • You won't find me on the back of any buses, or my face on the back of any park bench in the Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge area, however I would estimate I am one of the largest mortgage agents in the tri-cities. I pride myself on my business mostly coming from referrals from both local realtors, and satisfied clients and their friends and family.
  • I was born and raised in Waterloo, and have a home in the Colonial Acres area. I've been married to my wife for over a decade, and we have two young boys who certainly keep us busy.
  • If you're needing a standard mortgage, my services are entirely free! My compensation comes entirely from the bank or other lender, and I only get paid if we complete a mortgage together.
  • As a humble brag, in a high year I will fund more than 85 million in mortgages, and I rank the top 2% of all of Dominion Lending Centres. It's important to know that the person you're dealing with is experienced, and 
  • My mortgage strategy is simple: I'm going to call you back, email you in a timely manner, make things simple, and get you a mortgage product that I wouldn't hesitate to get for a family member.

I'm looking forward to working together, and getting to know a little more about you!

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Jim Steffler

Mortgage Agent Level 2

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393 Hillside Street
Waterloo, ON
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